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The Eternal Rivalry: A Clash of Titans - AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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Atualizada- junho. 14, 2024

Delve into the intense and historic rivalry between two football giants, AS Roma and SS Lazio. Explore the origins, key moments, and the passionate atmosphere surrounding the derby.
The Eternal Rivalry: A Clash of Titans - AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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The Rome Derby, also known as 'Derby della Capitale,' is one of Italy's most fiercely contested football matches. It brings together two of the country's biggest clubs, AS Roma and SS Lazio, in a clash that transcends mere footballing rivalries. This article explores the origins, key moments, and the passionate atmosphere surrounding this historic derby.


The roots of this fierce rivalry can be traced back to the early 20th century when both clubs were founded. AS Roma was established in 1927 as a result of a merger between three smaller Roman clubs, while SS Lazio was founded in 1900. The geographical proximity of both teams added fuel to the fire, as they represented different districts within Rome.

Key Moments:

Throughout history, there have been numerous unforgettable moments in derbies between AS Roma and SS Lazio. One such moment occurred during the Coppa Italia final in 2013 when AS Roma defeated SS Lazio with a thrilling last-minute goal from striker Federico Balzaretti. This victory was particularly sweet for Roma fans as it denied their bitter rivals a chance at silverware.

Another iconic moment came in 2001 when AS Roma legend Francesco Totti scored a stunning long-range goal to secure a 5-1 victory over SS Lazio. The 'King of Rome' celebrated by displaying a t-shirt that read 'I have purged you again.' This gesture further intensified the animosity between the two sets of fans.

Passionate Atmosphere:

The Rome Derby is renowned for its passionate atmosphere, with both sets of fans creating a vibrant and colorful spectacle. The Stadio Olimpico, which is shared by both clubs, becomes a cauldron of noise and emotion during the derby. The Curva Sud, the home end for Roma fans, and the Curva Nord, where Lazio ultras reside, are known for their passionate displays of support.

The rivalry extends beyond the football pitch and spills over into other aspects of life in Rome. It permeates through families, friendships, neighborhoods, and even politics. During derby days, the city comes alive with a palpable tension and anticipation as fans clad in their respective team colors fill the streets.


The AS Roma vs SS Lazio rivalry is an unyielding battle that showcases the passion and intensity of Italian football. It is a clash between two clubs deeply rooted in Roman history and identity. The Rome Derby is not just a game; it represents the heart and soul of a city divided by loyalty but united by passion.
The Eternal Rivalry: A Clash of Titans - AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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The Eternal Rivalry: A Clash of Titans - AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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